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ElvaX Mobile


ElvaX Mobile is a portable EDXRF analyzer for testing all kinds of materials.
Sampling tray as in a benchtop instrument allows for convenient placement of x-cells.
High resolution SDD detector and the absence of collimators ensure high count rate,
which is crucial for quick detection of trace elements.
ElvaX Mobile analyzer is indispensable for testing soil and petrochemicals and any other applications,
where testing of liquids and powders on site is required. The PDA integrated into the instrument
provides intuitive interface as well as high resolution and bright screen.
ElvaX Mobile can be synchronized with a desktop computer via wi-fi or blue tooth.
The instrument is as handy to carry and as light as an ordinary briefcase.
All you need is any surface to put it on and it’s ready for work in seconds.

Measurement Capability
Detectable Range: Cl (17) - U (92), capability to measure to Mg with Ag tube and SDD detector.
Concentration: Below 10 PPM range for most elements in a light matrix,
0.01% for metal alloys.
X-Ray Generation
X-Ray Tube: Au or Aq target anode, air cooled, other tube targets available
X-Ray Generator: 4-40 kV (adjustable in 0.1 kV steps),
0-100 μA (adjustable in 0.2 μA steps), 4 W max.
Stability: 0.1% over 8 hours.
Beam Size: 3 x 4 mm. (Special order up to 10 mm).
X-Ray Detection
Standard Detector: Si-Pin (165 eV FWHM @ 5.9 kev), Thermoelectrically cooled
6 mm2/500um/ ML Collimator / 0.5 mil Be window
Optional Detector: High resolution SDD (<145 eV FWHM @5,95 keV)/25 mm2
Dimensions/Weight: Standard Chamber: 16” x 13”x 6.5”, 12 lbs
Power Supply: Battery operating life, Up to 8 hrs
Pulse Processing: Ultra fast Digital Pulse Processor
Operating System: Windows CE/Mobile for PDA
Windows XP/7 for PC when using optional ElvaXTM analysis package
Automatic spectrum calibration/adjustment before spectrum processing.
User customizable data printout.
Control: X-ray source output, data acquisition system parameters,
sample and filter selection (optional).
Data Acquisition Time: 10 - 1200 sec.
Spectrum Processing: Automatic peak search, peak deconvolution, background removal, automatic
element iden tification, net peak intensities above background.
Quantitative Analysis: Fundamental parameters, quadratic stepwise multiple
Algorithms: Regression, manual spectra comparison.
Optional: Dual task measurement capability, available with filter package. Alloy database,
ElvaX sup plied database 300 – 10,000 alloy list.
User customized alloy database available.